Historic Sites: Historic Sites are referenced on the map by letters of the alphabet

Cemeteries: Cemeteries in Itawamba County are divided into two groups. West Itawamba cemeteries are all located west of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway and are referenced by number on the map. Cemeteries located in east Itawamba are all located east of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway and are referenced by numbers.

Historic Sites of the Chickasaw Nation: Historic sites of the Chickasaw Nation are illustrated in red on the map and all are referenced by numbers.

Early Post Offices: Early post offices of Itawamba County are in italics on the map. These are all extinct post offices from the 1800s through the early 1900s.

Sections, Townships and Ranges: All sections, townships and ranges are illustrated on this map. With the use of old deeds and this map, researchers may plot the locations of their ancestors' land.

Historic Sites of the Chickasaw Nation

After a treaty with the Chickasaws of northeast Mississippi in 1832, the United States government began surveying the new cession lands. A contract was awarded on 12 November 1833 to G.W. Higgins to survey this vast area of land, and during 1834 the survey was completed. Higgins and his men not only surveyed the land and plotted the same in sections, townships and ranges, but also made a record of trails, roads, farms and improvements on the land they encountered. Below is a list of sites that the surveyors found in what is now Itawamba County, Mississippi.

1. Kin-hi-cha's house and field
2. Indian house
3. Tap-pah-ka's house
4. Indian house and field (corn and cotton)
5. Indian prarie
6. Indian field
7. Indian field
8. Indian burial grounds
9. Indian house
10. Chistana's field and house
11. Indian burial grounds
12. Tunk-co-tubby's field and house
13. 20-acre Indian field
14. Kin-hi-cha's field
15. Tusk-a-tubby's house and field
16. Indian field
17. Benjamin Wise's farm
18. Maxcy's farm
19. Allen's farm
20. Greenwood's Indian field

Historic Points of Interest

A. Bonds House: The Itawamba Historical Society's Museum of County History, was built during the 1890s and is typical of turn-of-the century farm structures in Itawamba County.

B. James Creek Academy: This was an early private school of Itawamba County. The school was organized as early as 1862.

C. Oakland Normal Institute: This early Itawamba County private college was established during the 1880s by the Holley brothers and flourished until shortly after the turn-of-the-century. A state historical marker is located here.

D. Raper Springs Resort: This is an early mineral springs resort of Itawamba County. Located in the edge of Bull Mountain bottom, this resort featured cabins and a hotel.

E. Old Crossroads: This is the crossroads of the old Aberdeen-Jacinto Road and the Fulton-Pontotoc Road during the 1800s.

F. Walker's Bridge: This iron bridge is typical of bridge structures from the early 1900s. This one-lane bridge leads to a boat ramp on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway.

G. Ironwood Bluff: This area was an early voting precinct of Itawamba County. The precinct was abolished during the late 1830s. Today, the visitor can view the Tombigbee River bottomlands from atop the bluff.

H. Union Campground: Legend has it that during the Civil War, Union troops used this area as a winter camp.

I. Van Buren: Van Buren was a river town located on a high bluff above the Tombigbee River. Established in the 1830s, the town declined after the building of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad to the west. Today, a state historical marker is located near the old village site.

Locating a Township Section with this Map:

Maps are good tools in genealogical research. By using county maps, a researcher can pinpoint an ancestor's land within a very small geographical area. Deeds will list a section, township and range. Ranges run north and south and townships run east and west. By knowing just the township and range, a researcher can pinpoint his ancestor's land within a six-square mile area of land. A township block (for instance, Township 9, Range 8) is six sections square (six sections wide and six sections deep). The illustration below shows how sections are numbered within a township. By using this illustration and the Itawamba County Research Map, you can pinpoint your ancestors' lands in Itawamba County, Mississippi from deed descriptions.

Itawamba County Cemeteries

Most all cemeteries found on this map are easily accessible and located on or near roads or highways. However, many cemeteries in Itawamba County are found in rugged terrain. Many of these cemeteries are not accessible by automobile. A 4-wheel drive truck or jeep is required in some instances and some cemeteries are accessible only by foot. Although cemeteries are considered public property, many Itawamba cemeteries are accessible only through private property. Always check with a property owner before entering private property. For detailed directions to an Itawamba County cemetery, contact the Itawamba Historical Society.

Cemetery locations shown on this map are divided into two geographical areas. West Itawamba cemeteries are located west of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway and East Itawamba cemeteries are located east of the waterway. After each cemetery name, the following information is listed: (1) cemetery location (2) where to find a survey or transcript of the cemetery (3) special notes about the cemetery.

Abbreviations used in the listing:

CMI: Cemetery Markings of Itawamba County (followed by the page number)
S: Itawamba Settlers Quarterly (followed by the volume, issue and page number)
ND: No data collected for this cemetery
H: Historic cemetery: monuments from the 19th century are located in this cemetery
N: newer cemetery: no markers prior to 1930 are located in this cemetery
NM: No monuments are located in this cemetery

Cemeteries of West Itawamba County

1. Kirkville: NW S29, T7, R8; CMI 160, H
2. Gilmore's Chapel: NE S28, T7, R8, CMI 86, H
3. Ozark: NW S4, T8, R8, CMI 359, H
4. Oak Grove: NW S13, T8, R7, CMI 333, H
5. Warren's Chapel: SW S20, T8, R8, H
6. Stephens: NE 12/4 S33, T8, R8, CMI 464, H
7. Mt. Pisgah: SW , S4, T9, R8, ND, H
8. Barber: NE S5, T9, R8, ND, H, NM
9. Mantachie: SE S6, T9, R8, CMI 226, N
10. Center Star: NW S6, T9, R8, CMI 33, H
11. Kelso: SW S31, T8, R8, S Vol. V No. 3, p. 50, H
12. Cook: SW S13, T9, R7, S Vol. II, No. 1, p. 48; H
13. Fawn Grove: NW S24, T9, R7, CMI 71; N
14. Warren-Owens: NE S24, T9, R7, S Vol. V, No. 3, p. 50; H
15. Files: SW S20, T9, R8, CMI 511; H
16. Walton: NE S29, T9, R8, CMI 513; H
17. Friendship: SSE S33, T9, R8, CMI 71; N
18. Hartsfield: SW S32, T9, R8, ND; H, NM
19. Dorsey: SE S31, T9, R8, CMI 48; N
20. Warren Family: SW S30, T9, R8, S Vol. VII, No. 2; H
21. Comer-Duvall: NW S25, T9, R7, S Vol. I, No. 2, p. 114; H
22. Francis: SW S2, T10, R7E; ND, H
23. Hussey: SW S13, T10, R7, CMI 85; H
24. Hopewell: SW S17, T10, R8, CMI 111, H
25. Keyes: NE S21, T10, R8, CMI 128, H
26. Booth-Sandlin: NW S24, T10, R8, CMI 436; H
27. Old Van Buren: NE S25, T10, R8, ND, H
28. Whitesides: NW S30, T10, R8, CMI 539, H
29. Piney Grove: NE S25, T10, R7, ND, H
30. Bean-Barrett: SW , S3, T11, R8, CMI 7, H
31. Bourland: NE S2, T11, R8, CMI 14, H
32. Pleasant Grove: NE S12, T11, R7, ND; H
33. Shumpert: SW S7, T11, R8, CMI 452, H
34. Elliott: SW S7, T11, R8, CMI 53, H
35. Wiygul: NW S17, T11, R8, CMI 541, H
36. Conwill: NW S20, T11, R8, ND, H
37. New Chapel: NE S14, T11, R7, CMI 288, H
38. Goodwin: NE S23, T11, R7, CMI 90, H
39. Liberty: SW S26, T11, R7, CMI 192, H
40. Carolina: NW S20, T11, R8, CMI 26, H
41. Pleasant Hill: NW S21, T11, R8, CMI 369, N
42. Grimes: NW S21, T9, R8, S Vol. IV, No. 4, p. 25; H

Cemeteries of East Itawamba County

1. New Chapel: NE S30, T11, R9, S Vol. VII, No. 2, H
2. Meader: SE S27, T11, R9, ND, H
3. Wylie: NE S27, T11, R9, CMI 551, H
4. Adam Elliott: NW S26, T11, R9, ND, H
5. Turon: SE S23, T11, R9, CMI 501, H
6. New Salem: NE S9, T11, R9, CMI 324, H
7. Dyer (Old Bethel): NW S24, T11, R9, CMI 52, H
8. Hopewell Methodist: SW S9, T11, R10, CMI 112, H
9. Kennedy's Chapel: SW S5, T11, R10, CMI 126, H
10. Mt. Moriah: NE S1, T11, R9, CMI 239, H
11. Tilden: SW S27, T10, R9, CMI 480, H
12. Reed Family:NW S20, T10, R9, CMI 389, H
13. Wiggington: SW S36, T10, R10, CMI 124, H
14. Pleasant Ridge: NE S25, T10, R10, CMI 370, N
15. Stevens: NW S35, T10, R10, CMI 476, H
16. New Asbury: SW S28, T10, R10, CMI 1, N
17. Mt. Pleasant Methodist: SE S11, T10, R10, CMI 240, H
18. Tremont: NW S9, T10, R10, CMI 499, N
19. Burch Family: NE S17, T10, R10, S Vol. III, No. 3, p. 125, H
20. Stone: SW S4, T10, R10, CMI 477, H
21. Lunceford: NW S7, T10, R10, S Vol. III, No. 3, p. 138, H
22. Mt. Pisgah: NE S13, T10, R9, S Vol. V, No. 1, p. 25, H
23. Old Mt. Pisgah: SW S12, T10, R9, S Vol. V, No. 1, p. 26, H
24. Clover Ridge: NW S2, T10, R9, CMI 44, H
25. New Home: NW S2, T10, R9, CMI 319, H
27. Maxcy: SW S9, T10, R9, CMI 231, H
28. Moore-Roberts: NE S1, T10, R8, CMI 235, H
29. Harden's Chapel: NE S32, T9, R8, CMI 96, H
30. Itawamba Memorial Gardens: NE S28, T9, R9, CMI 122, N
31. Fulton: NW S30, T9, R9, CMI 74, H
32. White Church: SE S20, T9, R9, CMI 532, H
33. Hillcrest Masonic: SW S21, T9, R9, CMI 104, N
34. Pine Grove: NE S26, T9, R9, CMI 271, H
35. Chamblee: SE S31, T9, R10, CMI 40, H
36. Gum Church: SW S20, T9, R10, CMI 93, H
37. Weaver: SE S21, T9, R10, CMI 532, H
38. Lentz: SE S16, T9, R10, CMI 189, H
39. Martin: NE S5, T9, R10, CMI 230, H
40. Mt. Gilead: NE S5, T9, R10, CMI 236, H
41. Palmetto: SE S11, T9, R9, ND, H
42. Warren Family: SE S10, T9, R9, ND, H, NM
43. Mt. Pleasant Baptist: SE S4, T9, R9, CMI 255, H
44. Tyner Family: NE S31, T8, R9, ND, H, NM
45. Mt. Vernon: NW S30, T8, R9, CMI 270, H
46. Fairview: NE S26, T8, R9, CMI 60, H
47. Burntfields: NE S16, T8, R9, CMI 22, H
48. Old Warren-Franks: SW S20, T7, R8, CMI 531, H
49. Sandy Springs: NW S32, T7, R9, CMI 437, H
50. Castleberry: NW S28, T7, R9, CMI 31, H
51. Rogers: SE S22, T7, R9, CMI 422, H
52. Salem: NE S1, T8, R9, CMI 423, H
53. Liberty: NE S18, T8, R9, CMI 190, H
54. Benefield: SW S19, T8, R9, CMI 9, H
55. Bennich: NE S15, T8, R10, S Vol. III, No. 4, p. 180, H
56. Walker House: NE S5, T8, R10, CMI 512, H
57. Locust Tree: NE S30, T7, R10, CMI 224, H
58. Old Bethel (Tishomingo County): SE S17, T7, R10, ND, H
59. Butler: NE S33, T7, R10, CMI 23, H
60. Hodges: SW S26, T7, R10, S Vol. I, No. 4, p. 262, H
61. Ridge: SW S19, T7, R11, CMI 390, H
62. Tharp: SE S29, T7, R11, CMI 70, H
63. New Hope: NE S7, T8, R11, S Vol. I, No. 4, p. 264, H
64. Mitchell: NW S24, T7, R10, CMI 233, H
65. McCollough: ND, ND, H, NM
66. Buchannan: NW S20, T9, R10, CMI 215, H
68. Spearman: SE S26, T9, R10, CMI 454, H (Contains oldest found monument in Itawamba County - 1837)
69. Shady Valley: NW S19, T9, R11, CMI 451, N
70. Providence: SW S13, T9, R10, CMI 374, H
71. Bethany Church (Oakland): SE S22, T9, R10, CMI 358, H
72. Chastain: NE S7, T9, R11, CMI 42, H
73. Ridge: SE S31, T8, R11, ND, H
74. Mt. Zion: NW S19, T8, R10, CMI 277, H
75. Pate's Temple: SW S27, T8, R10, S Vol. II, No. 4, p. 195, H
76. Whitehead: ND, ND, H
77. Old Asbury (Gilmore-Evans): NE S28, T10, R10, CMI 88, H
78. Duke: SW S14, T8, R9, S Vol. III, No. 4, p. 183, H
79. Clifton Family: SW S2, T10, R9, S Vol. I, No. 3, p. 115, H
80. Senter: ND, S Vol. III, No. 3, p. 138, H
81. Raper: ND, S Vol. III, p. 139, H
82. Swindle: ND, S Vol. III, No. 4, p. 180, H
83. Guntharp: ND, S Vol. III, No. 4, p. 183, H
84. Steele: ND, S Vol. III, No. 4, p. 183, H
85. Samples: ND, S Vol. V, No. 1, p. 26, H
86. McFadden: ND, S Vol. VII, No. 2, H
87. Old New Chapel: ND, ND, H, NM
88. Weaver: ND, ND, H, NM
89. Lochridge: ND, ND, H, NM
90. Bolands: ND, ND, H, NM
91. Bolin: ND, ND, H, NM
92. Little: ND, CMI 225, H
93. No Name: ND, ND, H, NM
94. Young Family: ND, S Vol. IV, No. 2, p. 44, H
95. Bluford Raper: ND, ND, H
96. Lee-Underwood: ND, ND, H
97. McGowan-Smith: ND, ND H, NM
98. Parrott Evans Family: ND, ND, H, NM


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