Itawamba County Chancery Clerk
PO Box 776
Fulton, MS 38843-0776
Telephone: 662-862-3421
For items such as property deeds, probate records, civil court records, and divorce records, contact the Itawamba County Chancery Clerk.
Itawamba County Circuit Clerk
201 West Main Street
Fulton, MS 38843
Telephone: 662-862-3511
For items such as marriage records, criminal court records and voter records, contact the Itawamba County Circuit Clerk.
Mississippi Department of Archives & History
PO Box 571 
Jackson, MS 39205-0571
Telephone: 601-359-6850
The Mississippi Department of Archives and History has an excellent state research library. Also on their online site are several searchable indices including Mississippi biographies.
Mississippi State Department of Health
Public Health Statistics 
PO Box 1700 
Jackson, MS 39215-1700 
Telephone: 601-576-7960
For Mississippi birth and death records, contact the Mississippi State Department of Health. Click the link to the left. The MSDH has an online ordering form for birth and death certificates.
The Gaither Spradling Library
Church Street and Museum Drive
PO Box 7
Mantachie, MS 38855
Telephone: 662-282-7664 
The Gaither Spradling Library is located in the George Poteet History Center, headquarters of the Itawamba Historical Society. The library inlcudes many microform records of the county as well as a large filing system of source material.
Pratt Memorial Library
210 Cedar Street
Fulton, MS 38843
Telephone: 662-862-4926 
The Pratt Memorial Library is a part of the Lee-Itawamba Library System headquartered in Tupelo. The library system website has an online catalog. 
Lee County Library
219 North Madison Street
Tupelo, MS 38801
Telephone: 662-841-9013 (Reference & Info)
The Lee County Library, located in nearby Tupelo houses an extensive genealogy and area history collection and serves as an excellent regional genealogy library.
The Itawamba County Times
PO Box 1549
Fulton, MS 38843
Telephone: 662-862-3141
Fax: 662-862-7804
The Itawamba County Times is located in Fulton, and serves as the legal newspaper for Itawamba County. This newspaper publishes county obituaries and legals. The newspaper office houses many bound copies of past issues, mainly fro the 1930s to the present.
The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal
1242 South Green St.
Tupelo, MS 38801
Telehone: 662-842-2611
The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, located in nearby Tupelo is a regional newspaper covering all of northeast Mississippi. The newspaper publishes area obituaries and legals.

The Itawamba County Ancestor Who Disappears

Have you ever traced your ancestor through the census records of Itawamba County and at a point, have that ancestor disappear from the census records? The following could have happened to your ancestor in Itawamba County: 
  1. If your ancestor appears in the 1850 and 1860 Itawamba County census, yet is not included in the 1870 census, chances are, he lived in the vast portion of the county that became a part of Lee, Prentiss or Tishomingo counties. On October 26, 1866, a six-mile wide strip of land running the entire length of the county north and south, was given to the newly formed county of Lee. A few years later, a two-mile wide strip of land running the entire length of the county east and west was given to the counties of Tishomingo and Prentiss. Always check the Lee County 1870 census first, then the1870 Tishomingo and Prentiss census records.
  2. After the Civil War, Itawamba County saw a large number of its citizens leave the county where most immigrated to Texas
  3. Itawamba County borders the state of Alabama. Many of the county's citizens lived along the border line in eastern Itawamba County. Therefore, some citizens were tabulated by the Alabama census takers by mistake. Be sure to check Franklin and Marion counties in Alabama. Also, many of the county's citizens lived along the southern border area and were tabulated by the Monroe County, Mississippi census takers.

Itawamba County Civil War Research

For the most part, Itawamba County was composed of small farmers during antebellum times. Most of the crops were wheat, corn, barley, some cotton and other subsistence crops on farms of less than 200 acres with less than three or no slaves. Itawamba County was a small slave-holding county. However, in the western portion of the county, there were several plantations where most of Itawamba County's planter class lived along with their slaves. Some of the larger planter families included the surnames of Hussey, Crayton, Cummings, Taylor, Dabbs, Stovall, and Robbins. These large farms of more than 5,000 acres and more than 50 slaves were located on the fertile lands along the Tombigbee, Boguefala, Mantachie and Twenty-Mile Creek areas. Western Itawamba was more suitable for larger farms, with the land, for the most part, being gently rolling with several fertile bottoms. Most of the land in eastern Itawamba County was too rugged for large scale farming with the topographic relief too extreme for large farms. By the time the Civil War began western Itawama had strong Confederate feelings, while the eastern portion of the county had some Union sentiment. The large remainder of the county had mixed feelings about the war. As a whole Itawamba County was pro-Confederate. However, there were some Union activities in the county, especially along the eastern edge of the county in the hills bordering Alabama. So keep in mind that your ancestor from Itawamba County may have fought for the Union. The Itawamba County Courthouse has no Civil War era military records. However, those records may be obtained from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. For information on what is available, write to: Mississippi Department of Archives and History, PO Box 571, Jackson, MS 39205, or visit their library in the Charlotte Capers Building, 100 South State Street, Jackson, Mississippi. When writing, please be sure to specify as much information as possible about your Civil War ancestor (date of birth, county of enlistment, name of widow, date of death, etc.) Their records contain information about those ancestors who served the Confederacy from Mississippi.

The George Poteet History Center

When researching in Itawamba County, don't forget the Itawamba Historical Society's research collection located in the society's headquarters, The George Poteet History Center. This 2,400 square foot facility houses the Gaither Spradling Library. The facilities are located in Mantachie, Mississippi at the corner of Church Street and Museum Drive. The George Poteet History Center is visited by researchers from all across the United States on a daily basis. The society's research collection includes the following: 
  1. Books: There are more than 1,600 volumes of research material devoted not only to Itawamba County, but most all southern states. The society subscribes to more than 40 regional genealogical publications. The society's book collections also includes a general history and general genealogy area.
  2. Files: The society's filing system contains more than 3,000 files including family group sheets, pedigree charts, family histories, old photographs and general county histories.
  3. Maps: The society's filing system contains more than 300 maps including historic maps of southern states from ca. 1750 to the present, as well as maps of every county in Mississippi and historic maps of every state in the United States.
  4. Archives Files: Located in the society's filing system are more than 1,000 pages of 19th century documents including old letters, bills of sale, wills and ledgers pertaining to Itawamba County, Mississippi families.
  5. Microform Records: The society's microform collection includes every available census of not only Itawamba County, but every surrounding county in Mississippi and Alabama. This collection also houses every Itawamba County newspaper from 1903 to 1975, Itawamba County courthouse records, the complete Itawamba County WPA History Project, Lee County newspapers from the 1870s to 1880s, slave census records, the 1890 Civil War veterans census of Itawamba County and genealogical publications on microform. The library houses two microfiche readers and one microfilm reader.
  6. Computerized Records: The society's holdings are located on computer disks. This computerized information database includes hundreds of Itawamba County researchers, surnames and addresses.
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