Historical Background of the School


Page 1 Yearbook Title Page
Page 2 Yearbook Foreward
Page 3 Professor J.R. Fewell
Page 4 The School Creed
Page 5 Panoramic View of Campus
Page 6 1922 School Calendar
Page 7 The Annual Staff
Page 8 School Faculty
Page 9 Seniors Title Page
Page 10 Senior Poem
Page 11 Senior Class Portrait
Page 12 Senior Class History
Page 13 Senior Class Prophesy
Page 14 Senior Class Prophesy
Page 15 Junior Class Title Page
Page 16 Junior Class Portrait
Page 17 Sophomore Class Title Page
Page 18 Sophomore Class Portrait
Page 19 Freshmen Class Title Page
Page 20 Freshmen Class Portrait
Page 21 Sub-Freshmen Class Title Page
Page 22 Sub-Freshmen Class Portrait
Page 23 School Organizations Title Page
Page 24 Robert E. Lee Literary Society Portrait
Page 24 John E. Rankin Literary Society Portrait
Page 25 Girls Hi-Y Portrait
Page 25 Boys Hi-Y Portrait
Page 26 B-Sharp Music Club Portrait
Page 27 The Hash Dish Staff Portrait
Page 28 The Old Maids' Club Portrait
Page 29 Athletics Title Page
Page 30 1922 Athletics History
Page 31 Football Team Portrait
Page 31 Track Team Portrait
Page 32 Boy's Basketball Team Portrait
Page 33 Girl's Basketball Team Portrait
Page 34 1922 Chips
Page 35 1922 Chips
Page 36 The Fulton Bank Advertisement
Page 37 R.W. Reed Company Advertisement
Page 37 Thomas-Kincannon-Elkin Co. Advertisement
Page 38 McGaughy's Advertisement
Page 38 Kleban & Matz Advertisement
Page 38 Hinds Bros. & Co. Advertisement
Page 39 People's Bank and Trust Co. Advertisement
Page 40 Star Grocery Company Advertisement

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