This announcement booklet represents the first school year of Itawamba County Agricultural High School. Contained the booklet is information covering all aspects of student life at the new school and a collection of advertisements from businesses that sponsored the booklet. This booklet serves as a fascinating glimpse of student life at the school nearly ninety years ago. Each page link will take you to an image of the page referenced. Simply click your browser's back button to return to this index.
Front Cover .
Title Page .
Page 2 Blank
Page 3 Board of Trustees
Board of Supervisors
County School Board
Pages 4-5 Faculty
1921 School Calendar
1922 School Calendar
Pages 6-7 Foreward
Pages 8-9 Buildings and Equipment
Entrance Requirements
Moral and Religious Influences
The Boarding Department
Pages 10-11 The Boarding Department (continued)
Safety Deposit
Room Reservations
Room Furnishings
School Property
Social Life
Pages 12-13 Social Life (continued)
Required Labor
Extra Labor
Week-end Visit
Valedictorian and Salutatorian
Monthly Reports
Requirements for Graduation
Department of Agriculture
Pages 14-15 Department of Agriculture (continued
Extension Work
Farm Mechanics
Farmers’ Institutes
First and Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year
Pages 16-17 Home Science Department
Department of English
Pages 18-19 Department of English (continued)
Department of Mathematics
Department of Science
Pages 20-21 Department of Science (continued)
Department of History
Commercial Department
Music Department
Department of Languages
Optional Courses
Pages 22-23 Tentative Schedule of Recitations
The Fulton Bank Advertisement
Pages 24-25 Leake & Goodlett Advertisement
W.E. Smith Co. Advertisement
R.S. Mathis Clothing Stores Advertisement
The Star Grocery Co. Advertisement
L.L. Reed Advertisement
Pages 26-27 R.W. Reed Co. Advertisement
J.J. Rogers & Son Advertisement
Hinds Bros. & Co. Advertisement
Pages 28-29 Frank L. Spight Advertisement
Thomas-Kincannon-Elkin Co. Advertisement
The Fulton Garage Advertisement
G.W. Gilliland Advertisement
The Bank of Tupelo Advertisement
Pages 30-31 Gus Baine Hardware Co. Advertisement
Shelby Topp Advertisement
The Broken Dollar Store Advertisement
The Woman’s Store Advertisement
McGaughy’s Advertisement
W.H. Topp Advertisement
Lumpkin Bros. Advertisement
Pages 32-33 C.P. Chappel & Co. Advertisement
S.D. Wilson Advertisement
Taylor’s Jewelry Store Advertisement
Peoples Bank & Trust Advertisement
Pages 34-35 The Style Shop Advertisement
Kleban & Matz Advertisement
W.E. Pegues Advertisement
Trice-Raymond Hardware Advertisement
Page 36 Blank