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When researching in Itawamba County, don't forget the Itawamba Historical Society's large research collection housed in the Gaither Spradling Library at the corner of Church Street and Museum Drive in the historic section of Mantachie, Mississippi. Located in the Gaither Spradling Library are:

There are more than 1,600 volumes of research material devoted not only to Itawamba County, but most all southern states as well. The society subscribes to more than 30 regional genealogical publications. The society's book collections also includes general history and general genealogical areas.

The society's filing system contains more than 3,000 files including family group sheets, pedigree charts, family histories, old photographs and general county histories

The society's filing system contains more than 300 maps including historic maps of southern states from ca. 1750 to the present, as well as maps of every county in Mississippi and historic maps of every state in the United States.

Archive Files
Located in the society's filing system are more than 1,000 pages of 19th century documents including old letters, bills of sale, wills and ledgers pertaining to Itawamba County, Mississippi families.

Microform Records
The society's microform collection includes every available census of not only Itawamba County, but every surrounding county as well. The collection also houses every Itawamba County newspaper from 1903 to 1975, Itawamba County courthouse records, the complete Itawamba County WPA History Project, Lee County newspapers from the 1870's to the 1880's, slave schedule records, the 1890 Civil War veterans census of Itawamba County and genealogical publications on microform.

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